NW 1: Dry-Docked, The Lighthouse

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With the Potemkin dry-docked for repairs, the crew looks forward to a little down time. However, Starfleet doesn't like idle officers, and the Potemkin's crew becomes a local resource for all of the projects that have been put off as lower priorities. With things rolling downhill, as they say, the Night Watch crew gets assigned to investigate and repair a malfunctioning navigational buoy nicknamed The Lighthouse marking the gravitational precipice of the Griffith-Howell Wash.

Mission Group Season 3.5: The year between
Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 1:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
All the Power!
by Captain Toron Pax & Lieutenant Commander Elli-Navine
During the Battle of SB 364 Potemkin
by Captain Toron Pax
Visiting Captain's Quarters SB364
The Beginning
by Lieutenant Commander Koolie & Captain Toron Pax & Ensign Jak Summers & Crewman Myrah Zolar
The Lighthouse - 1 Starbase 364

Mission Summary