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Commander Carl Hedley

Name Carl George Hedley

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 172lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Carl isn't exactly the picture of physical perfection. He keeps up with his fitness regime just enough to keep up with Starfleet Regulations, so he isn't in poor shape, but that's about the kindest thing you can say; as long as he's in good enough shape to keep up with his duties, he's happy.

Behind the not especially impressive looking body, though, are the bright eyes and incisive gaze of an intelligent, charismatic man. He always keeps his uniform in good order, he's always perfectly groomed, and he often has an approachable, if not friendly smile.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Hedley
Mother Florence Hedley
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Rebecca
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carl tends to be a rather quiet man, very precise and careful. Where possible, he does his very best to analyze a situation and form a plan before going in, though when he has to improvise he is reasonably capable. Beneath his calm, capable surface, though, he has a habit of second-guessing his decisions, at least in private, fueled by his anxiety and fear of failure.

He's loyal to his friends to a tee, always standing up for them when he can, whatever the situation, though he does expect the same from them. Because of this, he has few real friendships, but those he does have are very strong indeed. To his subordinates, he shows equal loyalty, never punishing a mistake but doing his best to educate instead. When they truly do something to disappoint him, though, his sense of betrayal can drive him to almost fantastical fits of ire.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent and Insightful
+Loyal friend and indomitable leader
+Excellent organiser

+/- Difficult to anger, but when it happens the results can be spectacular

-Anxiety and fears, usually hidden, can occasionally surface under extreme duress
-Often struggles to abandon a plan
-Physically unimpressive
Ambitions Carl dreams of commanding his own starship, and eventually even of rising to flag rank, where he can put his abilities to the ultimate test, and hopefully finally put some of his worries to rest. If he can save lives, help the Federation and make a difference doing so, all the better.
Hobbies & Interests Carl is, perhaps, a little unusual in that he finds Galactic Politics and Economics fascinating. He took courses on them at the academy, purely for his own education, and now he studies them in his spare time.

On a perhaps slightly more normal note, he plays the cello, enjoys tennis, and has a fascination for tabletop wargames. He's also an avid cook, though he doesn't get much time to practice.


Personal History Carl was the second eldest of four children. His mother, Florence, is a sculptor with no particular fame or renown, but a love of her work and a reasonable helping of natural talent. His father James, on the other hand, is a well respected Federation diplomat, highly placed and thus often not available to spend much time with Carl as a child.

While his father travelled for his work, Carl and his sisters were mostly raised by Florence, but he never really related to her work. Most of his time was spent studying, or with the few friends he made at school. When James was at home, though, and brought his family to high profile functions and parties, Carl was in his element, effortlessly charming dignitaries and functionaries alike, as well as showing a surprising aptitude for the ins and outs of politics. In the hopes of fostering this talent, James started to involve him more heavily, and it wasn't long before Carl was actually taking part in some of the less sensitive aspects of his career.

When the time came he enrolled in the Starfleet Academy right away, where he immediately excelled. He had some advantages, of course; his father's high position certainly didn't hurt his prospects, and he knew exactly how to get the staff to like and support him. Combined with his high intelligence and impressively perceptive nature, it was hardly any surprise that he shot rapidly up the ranks, only failing to leave the academy at the very top thanks to his habit of second-guessing his decisions after the fact. Even with that holding him back, though, he graduated from the academy, ready to head out into the galaxy.

He was lucky enough to serve his first posting under Captain T'Rin on the USS Persephone, a Vulcan who took him under her wing, having recognised his natural talent. He owes much of his current experience to his time serving on her ship, especially after she promoted him to her bridge crew where he served with distinction for several years.

When Persephone was finally recalled for refit, Carl found himself reassigned to a diplomatic mission, where he would serve as a political and economic advisor to one of his father's colleagues sent on a delegation to meet with a lost colony of humans, recently re-contacted after almost two centuries. Not long after they arrived, disaster struck the delegation; almost eighty per cent of its members were taken ill by a mysterious alien disease.

Only one of their number was killed, thankfully, but most of those affected were rendered bedridden and insensible for several months, leaving them unable to see to the negotiations. Rising to the challenge, Carl, by now the most senior member of the team, rose to the challenge remarkably. Despite a rocky few first days, he managed to establish a rapport with the strangely divergent colony, and from there, to negotiate a treaty that would see their gradual return to the fold.

Of course, he was censured for not immediately returning for a more senior diplomat to take over, but no one could deny his results. As soon as his official punishment was completed, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and assigned a position as the Executive Officer on board the USS Cliffton after the previous incumbent requested reassignment to be closer to his family.

He served on board the Cliffton with distinction, earning stellar reports from her Captain, and considerable popularity with her crew. He was just taking some shore leave after a particularly tense encounter with a strange alien lifeform when, without notice, the ship he was taking passage on to meet his father was attacked by Romulans, and he, along with another Starfleet officer, was taken prisoner...
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