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Crewman Myrah Zolar

Name Myrah Zolar

Position Science Officer

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140
Hair Color white
Eye Color blue
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Personal History Ujirmyrah Zh'Zolar aka Crewman Myrah Zolar

Myrah has served her clan, her part played in a deeply traditional way that has not embraced the new genetic aid of the Federation to reduce the Andorian bondmates from four to two members. Her bondmates were assigned from birth with her and they grew up together as childhood friends knowing they were promised to one another. She understood her role as highly important to the clan survival, especially as healthy Zhen genders capable of carrying the young had been most plagued by the genetic failures. As such, she carried seven young for her clan in the most recent five years of her young life. Although they were friends, she never formed an enduring, romantic relationship with any of her bondmates, and her primary duties as Zhen of their quad were carried out ceremonially.

Part of the separation could be explained by her own life choices— She did not share living space with her bondmates as most of her time was spent in a dedicated monastery life into which she had be started as a child. In the traditions of her Zhen mother, she practiced a variation of Andorian martial arts since she could walk and studied many of the rites, practices, and philosophies of her clan so that by the time she was of age for bonding, she had become a worthy sparing partner in her ranking.

Myrah was able to continue some of her training during child bearing, it was by necessity limited to preference the well-being of the children. Her biosigns were tracked to predetermine optimum time for bearing in coordination with the fertility of the Shen bondmate, and the quad planned their activities accordingly; that stage never necessitated Myrah, who was kept cared for to ensure the safe implantation to follow and treated like royalty while carrying. Her bondmates liked to tell her she lived a privileged life— while they had to work and rear the children all she had to do was bear them. To her it seemed true enough. The babies seemed to grow easily enough and the folk medicine for the deliveries dulled the feelings when it was time for the womb to break away. She was cared for afterwards in a lot of formal ceremony until she recovered and began again.

In the rare times in between pregnancies, some times the male partners took a playful interest in her company, but she felt more pitied than loved. She also found that she had to be careful not to offend their Shen partner's sensibilities and priorities in favor of what the shen-mate considered frivolities. In her opinion, no Zhen could waste her fertile years on love- they should be for the Clan, and then zhen were practically revered for doing nothing at all afterwards and could be as romantic as they pleased. They were the lucky ones. While Myrah found some connection with the babies she carried, the genetic parents in the bondgroup took to naming and rearing them, as once again, being the zhen of their bond set, Myrah was tasked with the next child to bear. As a result, Zh'myrah feels more akin to an Aunt or a surrogate to the children than a mother.

There was an eighth pregnancy which Myrah lost. Of all of the children she carried, the baby was the only zhen among them. It forced her to confront some of her deepest feelings about the situation of the zhen in her culture and society, and about how of all the genders she now felt it was easiest as a zhen to be taken for granted and the most spent and demanded on. It felt as if the future of her clan and the traditional carriage of the race was her mantle to bear. Before the miscarriage, a little piece of her had thrilled that one of the children would be a zhen like her, as she herself had the closest relationship with her zhen mother and had followed her in the monastic order. When the baby spontaneously died due to the development disorder underlying the entire genetic problem of the race, Myrah felt she had failed the baby. And she felt she had failed her bondmates and the Clan; she felt she had lost her own future. Her bondmates immediately wanted to try again at the next peek cycle to implant her with another embryo, and she was brokenhearted. It could be another Zhen, or it could be another seven children before a Zhen baby occurred again, if ever. She hated herself for wanting a zhen more than the other children. She felt so sorry for herself over the loss, that to console herself she made up a fiction that she was glad the zhen baby went beyond living and wouldn't have to bear the burdens of her Clan as she did. She hadn't seen herself in such a perspective before the miscarriage, but then it seemed all she could think.

While the bondmates continued to want more children for the Clan, Myrah was growing more discomfited with the arrangement and more eager for autonomy and the chance to ply her own skills and seek her own future. After trying to convince her that she still had half of her fertile years to serve the clan, she became frustrated with everyone. The elders of the clan agreed that she had served admirably in the clan's growth and the bondmates agreed to release her, in order for them to bond with another, more willing zhen mate. At age 21, Zh'myrah is therefore honorably divorced.

Curious about life beyond icy Andoria, she chose Starfleet over the Andorian Defense Force and as she had limited formal education and no one to sponsor her for the academy, she went into enlistment. Having just completed her training courses with a specialty as a science assistant, she finds herself eager to ship to her first assignment- the USS Potemkin.
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