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Season 4: Episode 9 TBR056

Posted on Tue Oct 25, 2022 @ 6:56pm by Captain Toron Pax

Season 4: Episode 9 TBR056

Game began 1:20 pm, ended 3:15 pm 10/15/22
Players GM Matt (Pax), Nikki (Elli-Navine), Will (Dr. Artopolis & Basin), Steve (Koolie)

In a remote sector in the Expanse, find there is a way to focus the EM signals and tunnel a hole through subspace to the Tilakaal universe

We are in a sector of space dense with Pulsars, EM radiation, and powerful gravimetric disturbances. Many pulsars are new, formed within decades of each other, highly unlikely natural occurrence. Sensors also indicated gravimetric disturbances have increased in intensity over the last decade or more. There are also tetreon filaments. Obviously something happened here that was beyond known natural phenomena. Tetreon particles typically only exist in subspace environments. Pax suggests this may ba caused by the Tilakaal trying to pierce beyond realities.

Comms picks up audio distress call from an unidentified vessel a short distance away. We can’t make out the alien language. Koolie keeps the alien talking until the Universal translator catches up. Commander Mattai- She says an intense gravity wave impacted her vessel, killed most of her crew and they are in need of assistance. We use science to pin point where the vessel is located among the eddies of the gravimetric and EM interference.

As we make our way towards the ship, Commander Mattai says she has 74 crew to evacuate (they are the Akaru species hailing from the planet Sattu). 20 crew dies. Many of the remaining crew are injured.

The Stewart (name of the ship) has a damaged FTL drive. The ship is very automated and efficient and requires about 30% fewer crew to man than a UFP ship.

Engineering and Medical are invited aboard to assist. The Akuru ask lots of small talk questions. They seem outgoing and new to space travel.
Elli patches up the engines. Notes that the design of the system is effient and has made repairs go smoothly.

Akaru power relays have thin blue veins of energy running through them, resembling the larger power relays of the tilakaal worlds…

Doc is finding that the Akaru seem to me Vulcanoids/ with also Romulan source. They have webbing between their fingers.

We get invited to visit Sattu. Pax accepts.

Halfway to Sattu, we get hit by another wave. Potemkin is mostly unaffected. It does fresh damage to the Stewart. Sensors show that the tetryon burst came out of subspace without warning and appears to be a natural phenomenon, however it is noted that the displaced tilakaal may be trying to create a breach to our reality, causing these sudden bursts through subspace to our reality.

We manage to make it the rest of the way to Sattu. A big pretty world, industrial with a shipyard. We are given coordinates to go visit the palace and the ruler of Sattu: Iryaxnadan.

Pax makes us button our collars and comb our hair and Koolie briefs us on etiquette before we beam down.

M class world with 2 continents, and thousands of islands. Peroo is the capital city. Planet has 2 moons.

Satuu is governed by a tall thing being Larax Nedrion: the ageless. Not native, but has lived on Sattu for at least 7 thousand years by the record. 4,500 yrs ago he was given the title of Larax (custodian or safekeeper) theocratic dictatorship. Akaru boast a diverse set of cultures spread over a global population and they have theatre and kinetic visual performances. State sanctioned theater tends to praise the Larax. The Larax has no male or female pronouns. People select their pronouns and the families are composed of multi person relationships. Cities are more dense, very efficiently planned.

Trace build up of EM radiation and tetryonic particles in the atmosphere…. Might be naturally occurring. Never know.

The planet has only build six space faring vessels so far. They’re pretty new to space travel.

At some point they were once recently visited by off world merchants, who travelled to Sattu to trade. The Larax authorised Sattu industries to develop defensive shielding, weaponry and space flight capacity increased.

We find in a database a curious letter from Morgret, an entrepreneur to a ltcmdr sar devorial of starbase 364. Something like- I risked my ship and crew to trade with the locals, so the least you can do is let me drop you this report informally before i head home to Ferenginar. Sattu seems to have some hidden secrets.

We beam down to the palace courtyards
It seems very religious in decor and soundscape. We are greeted. Akaru Bec Shinn leads us to a large open entrance and down a wide corridor to a square courtyard with a pool and lots of nice cushions to sit on.

Small antigrav bots serve food and drink.

Akaru Bek Chell, a representative of the gov’t comes out, she and aides take a seat nearby. They are not eating and drinking, but recording what we are talking about. Chell says the Larax is unavailable for the rest of the day, but is available in the morning. We get invited to stay overnight. Lots of attention and hospitality.

Elli checks out the tech for the evening and discovers all their power distribution systems carry tilakaal influence.

Koolie is looking at portraits of the Larax… he looks a lot like the assessor….

Next morning we gather for breakfast. Experiment J21 gets another bath because of syrup. Then we are led to another section of the palace, brought to a wide audience chamber. A Dias at the far end of the chamber. Has a tall wooden throne, varnished to a high sheen. Sitting on the throne, a long, lean alien who looks a lot like assessor tedrik….

Akaru bek chell introduces us all by rank and name. Chell has us sit on a front row of wooden benches. We are warmly welcomed by the Irax and he converses with us formally and stately.

We ask him if assessor tedric is any relation of his. He claims ignorance.
We ask him how long he’s been on Akaru. A long time.
Elli asks him why he refers to the people as his children. He says what ruler doesn’t.
He doesn’t seem to miss being around others of his kind. He seems to have just come here to be in charge of the place.

J21 gets loose and while there is a distraction the doc scans him. We can tell he is telepathic and telekinetic. And has genetics similar to the assessor. There seems to be a gradual genetic drift within his DNA. Doc it’s cloning related. The Larax have been cloned in long succession. Constant degradations in the clones and only a matter of time before the clones are no longer fit for ruling.

Being telepathic, he knows what we have discovered, Larax dismisses Chelle and then tells us the truth about the cloning situation breaking down. This is part of the reason that the Larax has now encouraged space development, to allow the Larax to begin a new future among the stars.

He tells us about the Unificationists- several yrs ago a transport leaving romulan space, suffered damage from a gravimetric phenomenon and landed on Akaru (survivors were Romulans and Vulcans). They settled, intermixed with the population and they became helpful in maintaining the cloning facility and tilakaal tech. Tilakaal tech was pre-exiting on this world, recovered by the early Akuru settlers, always had it on Sattu.

Recently there was a short message embedded within a subspace burst. He offers to share it with us.

Larax opens a holographic communication- a static filled image of wide blue eyes of a tillakaal male face, desperate, fearful, lots of chaotic dream tornado background images- we are here because we desire it. Do not let the others release it. The message ends.

Pax is also listening. The Officer we rescued from the pocket universe says that this message was not sent from Ash and is clearly from a different pocket universe.

The Larax is ill. He never makes public appearances any more. People try not to talk about it.

Pax has us beam back to the ship. The ship’s sensors detect another subspace burst. There is a sensor net in the middle of the ocean that seems to interfere, and a tilakaal energy signal deeep under the ocean. It is too deep to beam to- no access points. We get the sense that delving too much into the signal will not be taken well by the locals. We suspect there is a huge facility down there. But Pax doesn’t want us to mess with delicate political situation by trying to break in….

Tilakaal soul= kadra
The displaced
The assessors
The attendants (the protectors of heritages) - an unknown species that abducted and experimented on enterprise D crew


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